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Australian Careers Blueprint

The Australian Blueprint for Career Development (“the Blueprint”) has the potential to change the way Australians think about career education, information and guidance programs. The Blueprint has multiple goals but its primary aim is to have users work within a national framework of career competencies to create effective and measurable career development programs which help Australians to better manage their lives, learning and work. 

The Blueprint has the potential to:

Provide a common language for all;

  • Enhance human resources practices within both public and private sector organisations;
  • Enable individuals to manage their careers and work/life balance more effectively, particularly in a rapidly changing labour market;
  • Encourage people of all ages to engage in purposeful learning; and
  • Support a culture of lifelong learning and development in Australia.  (

The above form the basis for the Career Development program for all year groups which is delivered through specialised programs in Career Education, Advocacy or in aspects of all students learning. 
Career Education is holistic in approach where

  • career/ life exploration
  • decision making, and
  • planning, action and review is an ongoing process.
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