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Languages Learning Area
The study of Languages other than English is compulsory in Years 8, 9 and 10 and students may choose from Italian, Chinese or French. It is during these three years that cognitive skills in a second language are established in each learner. This allows them to approach fluency development with the highest confidence. Languages uniquely develop the student’s thinking skills within the cognitive domain. This has far-reaching and permanent implications for both their English communication and opening up to the possibilities of overseas study. 

As well as learning to communicate effectively in a language other than English, students develop an enhanced understanding of grammar and structure within the English language. 

The Language Learning Area has six major outcomes: 

  • Listening, responding and speaking 
  • Viewing and reading 
  • Writing 
  • Cultural understanding 
  • Structure of the target language 
  • Communications skills and strategies
Students who study a second language at Perth Modern School benefit from a series of enrichment activities including overseas tours, excursions and visiting speakers. 

In Years 11 and 12, the study of languages at Perth Modern School is the culmination of the five year extended study of second language. It is during the final two years of High School that cognitive skills in a second language reach a sophisticated level. This allows students to reach an advanced level of competence.  

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