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Mathematics Learning Area

Perth Modern School has a tradition of academic excellence in Mathematics.  Learning occurs in a supportive, nurturing and flexible classroom environment, working with other academically gifted students under the guidance of specially trained Mathematics teachers.

Our programs through Years 8 and 9 compact the curriculum to allow students to be accelerated through key Mathematics concepts at a faster pace. The curriculum is advanced, challenging and well planned to help guide your child’s growth and proficiency levels. The compacted curriculum allows for the completion of Middle Years programs during Year 9 for some students, enabling students to commence Senior School courses in Year 10. 

Your child will be provided with open-ended activities and questions that invite curiosity, exploration and manipulation of ideas and materials at a deeper and broader level than would usually occur at other schools.  All students' abilities in mathematics are catered for by students working in streamed pathways which offer opportunities to maximise individual students' potential. Your child will benefit from expanding their knowledge and skills beyond the normal classroom environment, enabling them to participate in learning based on their own performance and skills. As part of our program students will have the opportunity to be involved in learning opportunities provided by the University of Western Australia and Murdoch University.

Students are given the opportunity to participate in many of the external competitions on offer, including the Australian Mathematics Competition run by the Australian Mathematics Trust, the Math-O-Quest run by the West Australian Mathematical Association, and the ICAS Maths competition run by the University of New South Wales. We have been very successful in these competitions and we are very proud of our students’ achievements, having a significant number of prize winners in recent years.  All Year 8 students are invited to participate in the Maths Challenge Program and the EULER Maths enrichment program.  In Years 9 and 10 students are invited to participate in the GAUSS and NOETHER enrichment programs.  The programs are greatly assisted by the University of Canberra's activities from the Australian Mathematics Trust (AMT).

Talented problem solvers are invited to apply to be members of our Have Sum Fun Junior and Senior teams, competing against other teams from Western Australian schools.  Perth Modern School has had a great record at these competitions.  Students also participate in the Have Sum Fun online competitions for Years 8 – 10.   There are a number of other competitions available for students to enter including the Intermediate Australian Mathematics Olympiad (AIMOC) - Years 8-12 and the Western Australian Junior Olympiad for Years 8 and 9 students.

From these competitions and performances in the AMC and ICAS, students can then be invited or selected to participate in:

  • Senior Australian Mathematics Olympiad (Senior AMOC)
  • Australian Pacific Mathematics Olympiad (APMO)
  • Summer School of Excellence (NMSS)
  • Australian International Mathematics Olympiad team

Students are given the opportunity to excel, and extend themselves,  in all areas of Mathematics.

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