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The Middle School Drama Curriculum is an introduction to Drama and is oriented towards oral communication and performance skills. Drama students develop skills in:

  • Clarity, fluency in speech and skill in vocal control 
  • Mime 
  • Development of imagination and concentration 
  • Body control 
  • Aesthetic appreciation 
  • Stagecraft 
  • Self expression 
  • Group participation 
  • Form, character and action in improvisation 
  • Reflective processes
Students gain an introductory view of the theatre and an understanding of the theoretical concepts of Drama through the study of historical and contemporary performances.

In Year 10, the Course focuses on the exploration of Drama and is designed to introduce content and skills to prepare students for further studies in Drama. At Senior School level, students participate in public performance for an audience other than their class members and may participate in projects to devise a new work or stage a scripted drama. Students extend their skills in improvisation and relate these to playwriting structures through a focus on characterisation, use of dialogue and creating drama narratives with dramatic tension. They further develop their voice and movement skills and techniques appropriate to the drama event, audience and performance space.
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