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Perth Modern School has a well established reputation for excellence in the delivery of music education programs. Students may enrol in one of three courses offered, depending upon their level of musical ability and prior musical knowledge. 

Students may enrich their music learning through the many opportunities Perth Modern School offers for performance in orchestras, choirs and ensembles. At three year intervals, selected music students participate in an overseas music tour. 

The Music syllabus is designed around four key outcomes: 

  • Performing;
  • Composing and arranging;
  • Listening and responding;
  • Culture and society
Within these four outcomes, there are six content areas: 

  • Aural;
  • Theory;
  • Analysis;
  • Composition and arranging;
  • Performance;
  • Cultural and historical perspective
The Music Course at Perth Modern School is designed to encourage students to participate in musical activity as both a recreational and vocational choice. It may serve as a pathway for further training and empowerment in a range of professions within the music industry, or as a means of experiencing the pleasure and satisfaction that comes from making music.  

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