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Perth Modern School Year 9 students specially trained as heritage tour guides were thrilled with the turnout of visitors as part of the Perth Heritage Days series of tours held on October 14-15.

For tour guide Jenny Guigayoma, 14, it was invaluable experience as she learnt a great deal from tour participants who had once attended Perth Modern School and could tell her about the changes that had occurred over time. 

“I was very much interested in hearing from tour participants about the evolution of Perth Modern and the difference of the way things were back in the '50s and 60s to how things are now at school today,’ Jenny said.  

“There was a strict segregation of genders, girls and boys were taught in separate classes, played on different sides of the oval, and entered the Auditorium from opposite sides.”

“Even though it was the first co-ed school, it was still not truly co-ed, according to information volunteered by former students.”

“[Participants] also mentioned that the sexual discrimination was very prevalent back then, and teachers would get the girls out kneeling on the oval and measure their skirt lengths, sending home the girls who didn't comply with the regulations.”

“A former student recounted when the Headmaster used to whip his cane on his leg and create a tremendous noise up and down the hallway, to frighten any misbehaving children into obedience.” 

Tour participant Jennifer Flanders-Farmer wrote to the school to express her appreciation of holding the tours.


“I attended a Heritage Tour of Perth Modern School this past weekend, as part of Perth Heritage Days,” Jennifer said.  


“This exclusive tour was excellent and the insight and history that these Year 9 students imparted was amazing.”


“Their confidence and their proudness of their school is so commendable.”


“I am sure all will be leaders in whatever field they choose to follow.”


“Thank you so much for opening the school to the public during the Perth Heritage weekend.”


Principal of Perth Modern School Lois Joll said students were delighted to be able to share their knowledge of the history and heritage of Perth Modern School.


“Students in Year 9 with a passion for history and who enjoy interacting socially were specifically trained by teachers to be able to undertake the tours,” Ms Joll.


‘The students undertook their roles in a professional manner and were proud to be able to share their historical knowledge about their school.” 


“The School hopes to be involved in this fabulous annual event in coming years.”

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